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The Hotel Industry and the Future of Travel

Travel planning has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. The experience of booking a trip used to be a highly centralized experience that revolved around a travel agency, official brochures, and phone-based confirmations. Nowadays, the process is increasingly decentralized. Consumers are able to book trips and lodging from the comfort of their own home, leaning heavily on online reviews to make their purchase decisions. What will the future bring for our consumers, though? In this blog post, we'll go over a few of the trends that industry experts predict will shake up the travel industry in the upcoming years: from ever-smarter digital assistants to cutting-edge virtual reality.

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Bienvenid@s a nuestro blog donde discutiremos el análisis de datos empresariales inteligente

Con este fin, hemos creado este blog, donde compartiremos con ustedes la información que nuestros equipos de ingenieros y analistas de datos descubrirán sobre cómo mejorar el desempeño de su negocio con el análisis de datos empresariales. Queremos ayudarlo a usted a aprovechar su el poder de su marca en línea, la conversación de sus ...

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Harvard Study finds link between online Yelp reviews and revenue

A Harvard Business School study found a relationship between positive Yelp ratings and increased business revenue. Each additional Yelp star was linked with an increase in revenue from 5% to 9%.

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Welcome to our smart business analytics blog!

We'd like to help you improve your business performance through better data and analytics.

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